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School Programs

Environmental STEM (eSTEM)

Environmental STEM (eSTEM) is a free after school program for elementary schools. This school year the monthly programs are being held at Forest Ridge, Yoshikai, Lamb, and Weddle. Topics include animal adaptations, beaver dams, pollinators, and bird houses. The classes include hands-on experiences that develop designing skills related to these environmental topics.

Animal Ears
If you had animal ears, what would you choose? Become a nature spy and discover why animal ears are adapted for their specific environment and needs. Detectives will use a device that will hone in and locate nature sounds in your own backyard. After the investigation, nature kids will create their own unique ear structure to capture distant sounds in nature.

Why are beavers important and what is it like to be a beaver? Become a beaver and discover how they build dams and how that impacts water flow. “Beavers” will chew materials and then design and build their own beaver dam using a variety of materials.

Why are pollinators important and what are the various characteristics of their role in the ecosystem. Students will design pollination structure to fit a variety of “flower” stuctures

Down by the Riverside

An annual event at Forest Ridge Elementary School where SEE supports the environmental education activities of the day spent outdoors outdoors. This year’s activity was focused on invasive plants.There are many invasive plant species that have dramatic impacts on our environment. Students learn to identify common invasive plants and about their effect on the ecology of an area.

School Field Trips

SEE supports school field trips and outdoor school experiences.

SEE supported a number of North Salem High School field trips.