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KMUZ Radio Podcasts

KMUZ Radio Podcasts

SEE is committed to providing environmental education for the Salem community. Realizing that the public cannot always attend or listen to our programming in person we want to make available taped programming such as our KMUZ environmental interviews. Programs are recorded live each Wednesday from 8:15-8:45 a.m. as a segment within Willamette Wakeup called Our Natural Environment. KMUZ can be found at 88.5 and 100.7 FM. We save these programs on podcasts that you can listen to at your convenience.

Prior Podcasts

May 31 – Jon Yoder is interviewed by Melanie Zermer. Jon Yoder hosted this segment for nine months and today was his last day. He talked about “contextual learning” and his thoughts about the Salem-Keizer School District budget for science programming. In-coming host, Catalina de’ Onis, Willamette University professor was introduced.

May 24 – An interview with Tori Middelstadt of Travel Salem who shares about the mission and work of the organization as well as information on a major event coming to Salem – the River2Ridge.

May 17 – An interview with teacher Laurie Aguirre and some of her students from Forest Ridge Elementary School’s Optimun Learning Environment charter school who share ideas about naturescaping and conservation ideas.

May 10 – An interview with Zach Urness, the outdoor writer for the Statesman Journal, who shares places to hike that are within driving distance from Salem and some considerations necessary for hiking in the outdoors.

May 3 – An interview with Joe Abraham of the Sustainability Institute at Willamette University who shares the sustainability work being done in a variety of aspects of the university.

April 26 – An interview with Sharon Rose, author of a book that describes the history and ecology of Minto Brown Park and the surrounding area.

April 19 – An interview with Jayson Merkley of Cherry City Skeptics who shares the importance of scientific skepticism and information about their new organization.

April 12 – An interview with Mike Zieker, Park Ranger for the City of Salem, describes this new role and some of the information necessary for the proper use and behaviors in our city parks.

April 5 – An interview with Paul Tigan of the Bureau of Land Management about the agency, how land use and management decisions are made, and the role of science in that process.

March 29 – An interview with Laurie Aguirre, a teacher at Forest Ridge Optimum Learning Environment elementary charter school, who shares the mission of the school and the environmental programs and projects that students are engaged in.

March 22 – An interview with Colleen Owen of Pringle Creek Community who shares information about the community and the work she does with the garden program.

March 15 – An interview with Alex Matot and Andrew Arreola who share their experiences as members of the Salem Youth Environmental Council and their vision for the future.

March 8 – An interview with Ron Crouse and Jenny Meisel, the Natural Resource Education Specialist and the Native and Invasive Plant Specialist for Marion Soil and Water Conservation District, who share their work with conservation and education programs and projects with organizations and individuals.

March 1 – An interview with Brandy Nelson, Youth Environmental Education Program Coordinator for the City of Salem, who shares her work and efforts around environmental education for the Salem-Keizer schools.

February 22 – An interview with Tess Malijenovsky, Project Coordinator for Willamette Partnership, who shares the work of the organization and her efforts with the Honoring Our Rivers publication.

February 15 – An interview with Adam McKinley and Cayla Catino of GeerCrest Farm and Historical Society who share information about the history, facilities and educational programs at the farm.

February 8 – An interview with Evan and Jenna Osborne of Osborne Adventures nonprofit about their organization and the current efforts to establish a bike share program in Salem.

February 1 – An interview with Kevin Strandberg, Parks Manager for the Willamette Mission Management Area, who shares information and opportunities for the public at Willamette Mission State Park and the other area parks and Greenways he manages.

January 25 – An interview with Kris Hikari, the Regional Programs Manager for Friends of Trees, who shares information about the organization, the importance of it’s mission, and projects in the Salem area.

January 18 – An interview with Rebecca McCoun and Brad Nanke from the North Santiam Watershed Council who share information on what a watershed council is and the issues and projects related to the work with the North Santiam River and its watershed.

January 11 – An interview with Priscilla Macy and Jacob Cruser, avid kayakers, who share information on places that people can go to kayak, the equipment to consider, and safety precautions and preparations necessary for a successful outing.

January 4 – An interview with Kristen Ramstad, an urban forester from the Oregon Department of Forestry, who talks about urban trees and their care, maintenance and appropriate selection.

December 28 – An interview with Jessy Gill and Charles Harmansky of Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center who shares the the story of the Center and the work being done there to rehabilitate wildlife.

December 21 – An interview with Keare Blaylock, the Environmental Specialist for Marion County Public Works Environmental Services, who will share her work relating to surface water.

December 14 – An interview with Gary and Linda Wallmark of 350 Salem Oregon about their efforts to address the issues of climate change.

December 7 – Jon Yoder interviews Alan Pennington, the Marion County Environmental Services Waste Reduction Coordinator, who shares information on the variety of programs and projects related to reduce, reuse, and recycle and how individuals and businesses can find out more information.

November 30 – An interview with Ryan Kinnett the Community Relations Coordinator for the Gilbert House Children’s Museum who shares information about the facilities and programs at the museum.

November 23 – An interview with Angela Obery of Salem Bike Boulevard Advocates about how we can make Salem more bike friendly to a wider range of cyclists.

November 16 – An interview with Deborah Topp and Brandin Krempasky of the City of Salem Public Works who explain the process and issues regarding Salem’s drinking water and the treatment of wastewater and stormwater.

November 9 – Jon Yoder interviews Ray Temple of Salem Audubon regarding projects and opportunities to get out and enjoy nature.

November 2 – Jon Yoder interviews Dustin Bengtson, Deputy Operations Project Manager for the US Army Corps of Engineers, who shares insights into the management of water flow and fish passage related to the two dams below Detroit Lake.

October 26 – Jon Yoder interviews Patricia Farrell, City of Salem’s Natural Resource Specialist, about the current work and challenges regarding the use and management of Salem’s natural resources.

October 19 – An interview by Jon Yoder of Hersch Sangster, President of the Salem Bicycle Club who shares information about the club rides for all ages as well as the rules of the road for bikers.

October 12 – Jon Yoder interviews Susan Sahnow, describing work around the No Oregon Child Left Inside legislation and the resulting work with the Oregon Environmental Literacy Program.

October 5 – An interview with Sarah Deumling of Zena Timber on the importance and examples of sustainable forestry practices.

September 28 – An interview with Mimi Casteel of Hopewell Vineyards, who describes the importance and provides examples of sustainable practices in the vineyards of the Willamette Valley.

September 21 – Jon Yoder interviews Samantha Bartling of US Fish and Wildlife on the US wildlife refuge system and the three local refuges in our local area.

September 14 – Jon Yoder interviews Paul Tigan of the Bureau of Land Management about the issues and challenges in the use and management of our public lands.

September 7 – Jon Yoder interviews Tamara Trattner of Chemeketa Community College’s Early Childhood Development Department about the idea of nature play and its importance in early childhood development.

August 24 – Mark Becktal, City of Salem Public Works discusses the progress of the Peter Courtney Minto-Brown bridge linking Salem’s Riverfront park and Minto-Brown Island Park.

August 17 – Jon Yoder interviews Deborah Topp from the City of Salem Public Works Department on keeping Salem’s streams and rivers healthy.

August 10 – Fishes of Oregon: New program host on Wednesdays, Jon Yoder, discusses with Karen Hans of Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife fish protection strategies and other related issues.

Yoder Interviews:
KMUZ (Melanie Zermer)
Marion County Environmental Services (Jessica Ramey)