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February 18, 2020 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Taproot Lounge and Cafe
356 State St
Salem, OR 97301

David Craig, a Professor of Biology and Co-director of the Science Collaborative Research Program at Willamette University, will give an overview of how to improve the chances that interesting birds will come to your bird feeders and birdhouses with the aim of highlighting some very special birds associated with Salem’s Oregon Oaks. In 2019 Dr. Craig and a team of Willamette University students piloted a new research project focused on the impact of climate change on a variety of local birds. The team is deepening the research focus on the Slender-billed White-breasted Nuthatch which is considered to be rare across most of the Willamette Valley, but can be locally common in stands of Oregon Oak. If you have a birdhouse or feeder and want to share what you are seeing Professor Craig is keen to learn about your birds and how they might relate to his team’s questions. If you are curious about birds and trees and are concerned about climate change, this talk is for you.